Creating Blocks

Manage Blocks using the blocks manager

It can be opened from the start page, or a flow page

Using Blocks

Save and import a block file into a Flow

Once a block file is imported, arguments and responses will be automatically suggested

Flowing in the AC

Use Shift to add and an argument.

Use Shift + Enter to add a major section.

Switching Between Speeches

Click the tabs to Switch Between Speeches and Edit Columns of the Flow

Responding to Arguments

Use the arrow keys switch between arguments

The current argument is highlighted in blue

Press enter to add a response to the current argument

Dropped Arguments are highlighted in red

Adding Multiple Responses

Press enter to add multiple responses to an argument

Overview Mode

Use overview mode to clear text boxes in the flow and/or present

Saving and Reopening Flows

Download flows as .flow files.

Open them later

Read View

Click the read view tab to present the current speech

Only arguments with responses are shown

Different Speeches in Read View

Use the tabs to switch between speeches in Read View

Deleting Arguments

Click the red Delete button to toggle delete mode

Additional Notes

Use the Additional Notes box to add extra comments

These can be shown in read view using the show additional notes button

Creating a New Flow